If you’re looking for a formidable professional partner to practice your tennis skills, why not hire our portable Lobster Elite tennis ball machine? The Lobster Elite never misses, never tires and is always available when you want to drill specific shots and techniques to improve your game.

  • Ideal for polishing and perfecting specific tennis shots or as a heart-pumping, fun fitness workout
  • Achieves ‘muscle memory’ so you automatically react, shaving seconds off your response time
  • Great for recovering after an injury
  • Ball speed, angle and timing can be tailored to the precise shot you want to practice, whether it’s volleys, ground strokes or overheads
  • Comes with a spin attachment to help you learn to read topspin, sidespin and backspin
  • Long battery life allowing you to play anywhere, anytime. Tennis ball machine is available to hire at £25 for 60 mins, or daily use by negotiation (tennis balls and court hire are included with the use of the machine).

Contact Jeremy Hooton on:
 07896 202086


If you play once a week it’s advisable to restring your racket once a year. If you play twice a week then restring twice a year etc. Babolat Polyester Strings 100% polyester monofilament string. Excellent durability. Babolat Synthetic Gut For players that demand longer lasting performance. Lux ALU power strings - the structural integrity of the strings is secure, as denting is done while the string is still soft.

Costs from £24 per racket. Prices include string and labour.

  • Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex £24
  • Wilson Sensation (Multifillaments) £25
  • Babolat Xcel (Multifillaments) £29
  • Babolat RPM Blast (Polyester) £27
  • Luxilon Alu Power Rough (Polyester) £29
  • Babolat VS Touch (Natural Gut) £41.50
  • Rackets can be hired for a small fee of £2 per hour and Tennis balls for £1 per hour
  • Grips and over grips are available for £3 and £5

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